Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Attaboys and Mediocrity in the Modern Workplace: The War Against Meritocracy

Elan Hasson - Cardinal Path Training Certification of Completion AdWords 101-201 - Analytics 101-301
My Certificate of Completion
I recently attended a week of training courses instructed by Cardinal Path to deepen my knowledge of Google AdWords and Google Analytics. At the end of the course I received the Certification of Completion. All I had to do to get this certification is pay a bunch of money and show up. While showing up is half the battle, it certainly doesn't mean that I learned anything or that I achieved anything noteworthy.

So why do training organizations give out attaboys? I don't think they'll help you get a raise or even a job. I think it's because you (or your boss) shelled out mucho dinero for the courses and they want something tangible to show for it.

All this got me thinking about how pats on the back can actually breed (and encourage) mediocrity in an organization.